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WrightObara Launches Amazon Optimisation Services

Posted by Callum Hornigold on 26-Jul-2019 10:15:13
Callum Hornigold
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WrightObara are proud to announce the launch of our new Amazon optimisation services, designed to help brands maximise sales on the world’s largest e-commerce platform.

The new service will involve optimising brands’ product pages so their products appear higher in Amazon search results and convert more customers once they land on the page.

“We’ve been reporting the rise of Amazon as a powerful driving force in online sales for quite some time now,” says WrightObara’s Managing Director, Phil Wright. “As the marketing industry rapidly evolves and the role of digital trade marketers expands, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to fully capitalise on the sales potential of the world’s largest online marketplace, and one we’re excited to lead from the front lines.”

Unlike numerous UK agencies that simply offer Amazon SEO services with basic keyword optimisation, WrightObara’s SEO, PPC and design experts are uniquely positioned to offer a more holistic and profitable package.

The groundbreaking service includes:

  • SEO optimisation to rank higher in search results.
  • PPC campaigns to gain the edge over competitors.
  • photography and image design to convert more customers.
  • strong sales copywriting to communicate a strong product offering.
  • A+ content design to communicate your brand and positioning against competitors.
  • automated review requests to get more positive reviews.

It was reported last year that numerous brands are reallocating digital ad spend from Google search to Amazon PPC and, in some cases, brands are moving 50 to 60 percent of their Google Search ad budgets to Amazon.

WrightObara understands the power of Amazon PPC, but also that by taking a holistic approach, every aspect of brands’ product pages will work in unison to sell more.

“We’re proud to offer something unique that is at the vanguard of digital trade marketing services and excited to help brands significantly increase online revenue,” adds WrightObara’s Creative Director, Jan Obara.

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