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May's Trade and Product Marketing Review

Posted by Callum Hornigold on 31-May-2019 15:31:00
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Trade show tips, consumer trends, branding, promotions, product launches and more. Here's all the best news from May to help trade, product and shopper marketing professionals.

Trade Shows

trade marketing

4 strategies to increase your sales and leads at trade shows

When businesses attend trade shows, they're often concerned with maximising their ROI by increasing sales and gaining new leads. But this takes more than just great booth design and a clever email marketing campaign that targets trade show attendees...

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Consumer Trends

Cocktails trade marketing

UK cocktail market valued at £587m

In the space of a year, the value of the UK cocktail market has increased 9.5 percent to £587m according to CGA data released by Funkin Cocktails.


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Branding and Packaging

sustainable packaging trade marketing news

4 smart strategies to sustainable packaging design

Right now, many companies are investing their time and resources into developing biodegradable, compostable or bio-based packages.

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How to design a flexitarian food brand that isn’t “preachy”

‘This’ is a new vegetarian offering that provides a viable meat alternative that looks and tastes like the real thing.

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Inside P&G's plastics packaging strategy

Procter & Gamble's principal scientist and packaging technologist, Gian De Belder, has outlined the company's five-pillar approach to improving the recyclability of its packaging through science-based studies and "Holy Grail" collaborative projects.

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branding and trade marketing news

Startup myths: Branding is just a logo

It’s a mistake to think of your brand as just your logo — it’s everything that represents your business in totality. Focusing on just a logo as your brand gives short shrift to the other elements that are just as important in building an identity for your company in the marketplace.

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digital trade marketing news

Google Home serves Corona beer promotion based on location data and local inventory feed

Walmart has partnered with Google to allow customers to voice order groceries from their Google Assistant-enabled devices including Google Home, iPhones and Android devices, the retailer announced in a blog post. 

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trade marketing news amazon

How Amazon is capturing FMCG shopper marketing spend

Advertisers are taking more of the money they would have traditionally spent with supermarkets like Walmart and Tesco to buy as much as half of their ads on Amazon instead.

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digital trade marketing news amazon

The 5 biggest mistakes you don't want to make in Amazon product listings and how to fix them

Sloppy mistakes in your sales listings equal low sales on Amazon. Find out what you can do to polish your product listings.

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Product Presentations

product presentation

Want a winning sales pitch? 10 ways to tailor it to your audience

When you're growing and developing a business, you'll likely spend a lot of time presenting pitches to potential trade partners. However, every business is different, and every pitch should be to.

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product presentation trade marketing

Improving engagement: 9 strategies for customising your presentation

The best presentations are those that connect to their audience, really pulling them in and getting them to invest in what you’re saying, whether that be by thinking about it, discussing it or even investing money in your product or service.

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trade marketing news merchandising

9 supermarkets in Europe with adventurous spirits merchandising

The artisan spirits industry has grown rapidly in recent years. With it, comes a range of effective, creative merchandising that consumers simply cannot ignore.

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trade marketing news merchandising 2

Survey: The 5 key gaps in retail visual merchandising are…

According to the results, the five key gaps limiting merchandising confidence and precision are as follows:

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trade marketing promotions

New on-pack promotion from Cushelle

Cushelle is encouraging consumers to take part in a new on-pack campaign offering them the chance to win a family holiday and one of 50 Kenny the Koala toys.

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trade marketing promotions maynards

Maynards unwraps 'silly fun' summer promotion

Maynards Bassetts is set for a summer of silliness with the introduction of its latest on-pack promotion, giving shoppers the chance to win one of 8,001 prizes.

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trade marketing promotions tic tac

Ferrero offers retailers a chance to win with Tic Tac

Ferrero is reinforcing the sales potential of stocking its core range of flavours with a new campaign offering retailers the chance to win some Tic Tac products.

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product launch barefoot

Barefoot unveils ready-to-drink wine cans

Wine brand Barefoot has rolled out a duo of canned wines in white and rosé varietals.

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trade marketing news heineken

Heineken launches first cross-brand zero-alcohol campaign 

Heineken is launching its first alcohol-free campaign across multiple brands as it looks to “explode” the no- and low-alcohol category.

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experiential campaigns

Experiential marketing: 9 examples of brilliant brand experiences

Often heralded as a back to basics marketing approach, experiential marketing is in fact well suited to the needs of the modern consumer. Here are 9 examples of how to do it right.

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experiential campaign news

This toothpaste startup’s cheeky activation will have you gleefully spitting in public

Fresh breath from Hello is a scooter away!


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experiential campaign news instagram

New research demonstrates rise of experiential over products

A new survey by marketing agency Savvy has demonstrated a rise in live brand experiences across the retail sector. 73 percent of 18-34s rated experiences over physical products, and 60 percent of consumers said they feel more loyal to brands they can interact with.

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