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June's Trade and Product Marketing Review

Posted by Callum Hornigold on 26-Jun-2019 10:20:12
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Trade marketing news, artificial intelligence, consumer trends, branding and more. Here are the highlights from June to help you get your product ranged and increase sales in store or online. 

Digital Trade Marketing

trade marketing news - product guru

Presenting ‘Tinder for retail buyers and product suppliers’

Product Guru is an online platform that allows retail  buyers to find new products for their shelves. Could this make getting your product in front of big retailers a whole lot easier?

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trade marketing news - futurmaster

This AI-powered forecasting software helps manufacturers and retailers launch new products

FuturMaster, which provides supply chain planning software for clients including L’Oreal and Heineken, is launching a new forecasting solution that uses artificial intelligence to help companies more successfully launch new products.

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trade marketing news - amazon click and mortar

Amazon to open high street pop-ups to support online indies

Amazon launches Click and Mortar initiative to bring small online retailers to the high street


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Branding and Packaging

trade marketing news - John Lewis

John Lewis customers get £5 off next purchase in beauty product packaging trial

Department store John Lewis is launching a new recycling trial to pay customers who trade in empty beauty product containers.

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trade marketing news - captain morgans

Captain Morgan brings back personalised bottles

Captain Morgan is bringing back its limited edition personalised bottles, following the initial launch in April last year.

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trade marketing news - ikea

Tom and Lorenzo, famed Philly bloggers, rank the best and worst of Pride products

It's Pride time, a global parade to celebrate LGBTQ rights. Here are the best and worst of brands showing their support.

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Smirnoff-Welcome-Hme-CampaignTop 10 spirits marketing moves in June 2019

All the essential promotions and brands activations in June from some of the leading spirits brands.

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Consumer Trends

trade marketing news - consumer trends

Vegan beauty: How conscious consumers are driving innovation in ethical cosmetics

The vegan trend is impacting more than just food, with a growing demand for natural beauty products pushing brands to think outside of the box.

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trade marketing news - branding

Consumer disloyalty is the new normal

Assume the people you consider to be the most loyal customers on the planet are, in fact, disloyal. Because 92 percent of the time, you’ll be right. New Nielsen findings demonstrate that just 8 percent of consumers consider themselves to be firmly committed loyalists.

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trade marketing news - unilever

Unilever’s Sustainable Living Brands grew 69 percent faster than rest of business in 2018

Unilever today announced that its purpose-led, Sustainable Living Brands are growing 69 percent faster than the rest of the business and delivering 75 percent of the company’s growth.  

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trade marketing news - coca cola

Coca-Cola teams up with UK grime kingpin, Stormzy, to launch on-pack promotion

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) will launch a partnership between its Relentless energy drink brand and grime artist Stormzy, to launch an on-pack promotion.

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trade marketing news - irn bru

Irn-Bru offers branded prizes with Bru-Nanza promotion

Barr Soft Drinks is set to run its “biggest” on-pack promotion for its Irn-Bru brand, offering consumers the chance to win thousands of prizes.

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trade marketing news - crooked beveragesCrooked Beverage Co rolls-out money off promotional cans

Crooked Beverage Co is running an on-pack promotion, offering Spar and Nisa customers 50p off every purchase of three of their ready-to-drink cans.

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Product Launches

trade marketing news kellogs

Inside Kellogg’s social-driven strategy to launch new products

Product launches are high-risk for any CPG business, but particularly on social media where months of research and development can be wasted by the wrong promoted post. But that’s not to say it’s impossible.

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trade marketing news - echo falls

Echo Falls expands fusions range with tropical addition

Accolade Wines has launched an Echo Falls White Wine and Coconut Rum Fusion to its fruit fusions portfolio, following the launch of Echo Falls Rosé Wine and Gin Fusion earlier this year.

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Artboard 17-100Old El Paso shakes up chips and dips snacking

General Mills is moving in a new direction with Old El Paso Tortilla Bowls, its new bowl-shaped chips designed for scooping up sauces and sides.

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Artboard 18-100

Strongbow kicks off largest ever nationwide festival activation

The UK’s favourite cider is kicking off a summer of festival action, supported by independent creative agency Initials, which will see nearly 100,000 people visit its activations at festivals across the UK.

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trade marketing news - experiential

Magnum and Benefit team up in Shanghai for Magnum Beauty Store experience pop-up

Magnum has launched its Magnum Beauty Store concept in Shanghai, partnering with Benefit on an experiential pop-up that fuses ice cream and beauty services.

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Artboard 11-100

Why live events can offer the best return for drinks brands

Though the overheads can be costly, new drinks brands that invest in live events and demonstrations could get a three-fold ‘purchase advantage’ over rivals that don’t, according to a new report.

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