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July's Trade and Product Marketing Review

Posted by Callum Hornigold on 12-Aug-2019 11:43:37
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The latest in digital trade marketing news, consumer trends, promotions and more. Here are the highlights from July to help you get your product ranged and increase sales in store or online. 

Digital Trade Marketing

Artboard 11-100-1Iceland drives £500k of additional sales from mobile coupons

Iceland has revealed that £500,000 of in-store sales have been driven from mobile discount vouchers.
The campaign has increased Iceland’s average basket value by five per cent.

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Artboard 18 copy 6-100Premier Foods unveils retailer website

Premier Foods has launched a retailer website called ‘Your Grocery Partner’, in a move designed to support “time strapped” independent convenience retailers.

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Artboard 18 copy 3-100

Diageo sees promise in using voice to turn drinkers into brand ambassadors

Following an experiment with its Talisker brand to “enhance the whisky tasting experience” through Amazon Alexa, Diageo is seeing promising results, and finding new ways to turn drinkers into brand ambassadors.

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Artboard 18 copy-100

Hands On with Asos’ virtual catwalk

Asos' Virtual Catwalk is a new way to see products in real life, helping shoppers view designs in their own surroundings. It takes the augmented reality experience a step further, so Retail Gazette took a closer look at how users can now put a 3D model in their home.

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Branding and Packaging

Artboard 15-100-1

Holland & Barrett preps brand refresh to shake off ‘dusty’ image

The health and beauty retailer is planning to revamp initiatives including its loyalty scheme and introduce new ranges such as food-to-go as it looks to expand its offering and bring new customers in.

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Artboard 1-100-1

Nestle launches paper packaging for chocolate bars

Global food giant Nestle has developed new paper packaging for its YES! snack bars. 


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Consumer Trends

Artboard 17-100-1

The future of retail: Looking to 2025

Over the past 10 years, the retail sector has dramatically evolved. The industry has seen a shift in consumer behaviour towards online shopping and ultimately, e-commerce has changed the face of the market. 

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Artboard 18 copy 5-100

P&G rebrands Fairy to Fair to get people talking about LGBTQ+ rights

P&G is leveraging “the size and iconic nature” of Fairy to spark conversations about LGBTQ+ rights as it aims to live up to younger consumers’ value systems.

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Half of UK retail sales could be online in next 10 years

Online shopping could more than double its share of the retail market by 2028, according to a new report examining the draws of convenience of online shopping and lightning fast delivery alongside traditional bricks and mortar retail.

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Papa John's creates 'Beezza' for charitable buzz: 'Without bees, there's no pizza'

Papa John’s UK has created the world’s first pizza for bees, a stunt shining a light on a new honey-drizzled, spicy pizza and helping to raise awareness about the decline of the majestic pollinator.

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Artboard 9-100-1

Brand value in the age of 'enjoyable wellness'

From sales of Fitbits, the plethora of activity tracker apps downloaded to record our every step, to the rise of such terms as flexitarianism into everyday parlance, it’s clear health and wellbeing is becoming more important to consumers than ever.

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Artboard 13-100-1

Plastic debate: Price and convenience still outweigh consumers’ willingness to go ‘naked’

Most consumers are glad companies are offering plastic-free alternatives but brands have got to make it easy and more cost effective or they simply won’t switch.

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Trade Shows

Artboard 18 copy 2-100

The face-to-face culture successfully

Face-to-face interactions remain the most effective and engaging form of communication in the business world. Unlike emails or phone calls, physical meetings offer a rare insight into the mind of your interlocutor.

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Artboard 6-100-1Trebor offers cash prizes with exclusive POS promotion

Trebor is set to launch a consumer promotion exclusive to the convenience channel.

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Artboard 18-100-1Alpen launches new Reach Your Peak marketing campaign

Alpen, the £60 million brand, has launched its new marketing campaign, ‘Reach Your Peak’ – inspired by Alpen’s mountain heritage. 


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Artboard 12-100-1Nisa unveils promotion for end of school term

Nisa has launched a new campaign to help its retailers take advantage of the end of term, which sees parents buy gifts for their child’s teachers.

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Product Launches

Artboard 14-100-1Maynards Bassetts launches 30-percent less sugar wine gums

The variant is available in a 130g bag retailing at £1.32 and contains approximately 19g less sugar per 100g. POS tools are also available.

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Artboard 3-100-1Funkin Cocktails unveils campaign for Nitro range

Ready-to-drink brand Funkin Cocktails is launching a £1m advertising campaign for its recently launched Nitro Canned Cocktails.


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Artboard 18 copy 7-100BLOOM Gin unveils new look and line up for RTS range

BLOOM Gin is proud to present its brand-new Ready to Serve (RTS) collection, offering style, substance, sass and unrivalled choice to consumers looking for convenient gin options for social and treat occasions.

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Artboard 10-100-1Japanese flavour KitKat arrives in UK

Nestlé is launching KitKat Green Tea into One Stope, Londis and Budgens stores this week.

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Artboard 2-100-1Walkers adds veggie crisps to Oven Baked range

Walkers is extending its Oven Baked range with the addition of Oven Baked with Veg, in a move designed to tap into the “growing popularity for vegetable chips”.

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Artboard 5-100-1illy launches two cold brew coffee solutions in time for anticipated summer heatwave

To help operators tap into the growing demand for cold brew coffee, illy, the premium Italian coffee brand, has launched two new cold brew solutions in time for the summer season.

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Kettle-ChipsKETTLE Chips to launch Mediterranean Olive & Feta seasoning

KETTLE Chips is offering consumers a taste of their holidays at home this summer, with the launch of a new Limited Edition SKU – Mediterranean Olive & Feta.

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Artboard 7-100-1Puma creates interactive running experience in the middle of Shanghai

Puma is letting people in Shanghai test its new running shoes by putting them in an interactive world in which they can be trained against an ‘actual’ puma.

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Artboard 8-100-1Greggs revs up Just Eat delivery deal with Joe Swash sausage roll motorbike tour

Greggs, home of the vegan sausage roll, has secured listings on food ordering app Just Eat. To mark the occasion it has created a sausage roll motorcycle inspired by founder John Gregg’s favoured vehicle.

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Artboard 16-100-1How to make the best experience possible

The experience economy has continued to grow in recent years despite the current economic turmoil, with recent research suggesting that a third of chief marketing officers plan to devote up to 50 percent of their budget to experiential marketing.

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Artboard 18 copy 4-100

Top tips to create an experiential pop-up

A pop-up store isn’t just a temporary place for you to sell your goods. It’s a chance for you to create buzz around your business and to spread your brand’s message. You need to create an experience that visitors will remember and tell their friends about.

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