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April's Trade and Product Marketing Review

Posted by Callum Hornigold on 30-Apr-2019 11:16:28
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Trade show tips, consumer trends, branding, promotions, product launches and more. Here's all the best news from April to help trade, product and shopper marketing professionals.

 Trade Shows


Maximise your trade show booth

Your trade show needs to stand out if you want you and your business to be memorable and advantageous. Here are a few elements you can implement to ensure maximal trade show booth success. 

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Trade show highlights pulling power of Nisa Retail approach

Nisa claims its recent trade show has proved the pulling power of its new approach to retailing.

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Consumer Trends


Transparency and buying behavior are changing the game for category management 

The last several years have proven challenging for the CPG industry. With more emphasis than ever on convenience and experience, customers are demanding a personalised shopping experience.

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Veganism on the rise: How retailers are responding to the growing appetite for plant-based food

Veganism is poised for real growth in the UK grocery sector this year, but new and existing players will need to work hard to ensure they have a point of difference in a market ripe for innovation.

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Has wearable tech already gone out of style?

Only a few short years ago, the high profile launch of products like the Apple Watch seemed to be heralding a new era of fashionable, functional tech-integrated clothing. But wearables may have, instead, gone out of style before fully taking hold.

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Why old-fashioned bars of soap are making a comeback

"I see this comeback as a fight back to plastic hand pumps.’" The Independent's Sarah Young speaks to the market’s top brands about how new innovations are raising the bar.

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Growing Easter egg aisles reflect continuing fragmentation of UK shoppers, says Bridgethorne

With British consumers expected to spend in the region of £400 million on Easter-related confectionery this year, the increasing choice of options on supermarket shelves reflects the continuing fragmentation of UK shoppers.

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Identity: The often-overlooked priority for online retailers

Consumers shop in stores and on websites, and on their phones, computers and tablets. To ensure offers are relevant and the brand message consistent, marketers must find a way to aggregate the data about each shopper and share that across the enterprise.

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Corona and Parley's stop-motion film shows how plastic impacts wildlife

Corona and Parley for the Oceans have chosen Earth Day to reflect on the dangers marine plastic pollution poses to wildlife.


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Guinness makes beer packs more sustainable

Alcohol company Diageo, is investing £16m to remove the plastic ring carriers and shrink wrap from its multi-packs of Guinness, Harp and Smithwick’s.


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Hellmann’s taps into ‘Big Night In’ trend with takeaway sauce range

Hellmann’s taps into ‘Big Night In’ trend with takeaway sauce range. The range consists of four variants which accompany different takeaway choices: Pizza (Chilli Garlic Sauce), Chicken (Chilli BBQ Sauce), Mexican (Spicy Sauce) and Kebab (Tzatziki Sauce).

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Branding and Packaging


Is 'vegan' a four-letter word on product packaging?

Vegetarian. Plant-based. Plant-strong. Plant protein... All of these terms are used in some variety on the ever-blossoming category of animal-free foods intending to compete against meat, egg, and dairy industries. But which is the most effective?

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Lush quits social media in UK

British cosmetics firm Lush is closing several of its UK social media accounts this week. Announcing the news on Twitter, it said it was "tired of fighting with algorithms" and did not want to "pay to appear" in newsfeeds.

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Charlotte Rogers: Lush’s social media exodus is a risk too far

The ethical beauty brand’s desire to “stop fighting with algorithms” and reconnect with consumers is admirable, but ditching social to do so could prove a costly error.

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Piss to Pilsner: Carlsberg UK marketer explains the lager's self-effacing rebirth

Conspiracy theories and confusion reigned as one of the nation's best-selling beers started promoting social media posts comparing its own lager recipe to 'piss'. But for Carlsberg , it's all part of a masterplan.

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Surfing twins' revolutionary product that could replace plastic packaging

Their brilliant creation is already being used on new surfboards and now they're looking at tackling the drinks industry.

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5 types of product packaging inserts that brands are using to Connect With Their Customers

In the age of an ever-growing Amazon autocracy , brands need to find new ways of connecting with consumers who prefer to shop on online marketplaces. Could packaging inserts be the key?

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Walmart launches voice-activated grocery shopping

Walmart has partnered with Google to allow customers to voice order groceries from their Google Assistant-enabled devices including Google Home, iPhones and Android devices, the retailer announced in a blog post. 

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Nielsen Malaysia launches SmartStore to measure shopper behaviour

Nielsen has launched an “immersive reality” shopper solution, called Nielsen SmartStore, which helps retailers and manufacturers to better understand shopper behaviour and measure shoppers’ reactions. 

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Retailers and brands become best of frenemies with Amazon

The list of consumer brands setting up their own storefronts on continues to grow. This is true, even as these companies remain wary of the e-tail giant’s access to sales data and whether that may inform Amazon’s initiatives to develop competitive private labels.

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Facebook doubles-down on efforts to woo retailers with more tools to prove mobile ads impact in-store sales

Facebook has revealed new tools it promises will help retailers understand if mobile ads get people to go into stores and if they are buying.  

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Jägermeister rolls out exclusive promotion to convenience stores

Jägermeister has launched an on-pack promotion exclusive to the convenience channel.

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Tesco shelves promotions, citing 'Brexit planning'

The supermarket giant is understood to have emailed and spoken to suppliers to tell them it is prioritising Brexit planning

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Cadbury kicks-off second Premier League on-pack promotion

Cadbury is kicking-off its second Premier League promotion across its single bar and duo bar portfolio.


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Golden Wonder runs mystery box prize with on-pack promo

Golden Wonder is packing a punch with the return of its full-packet takeover, offering fans the opportunity to win up to £1m worth of prizes.


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Becoming shopper-centric: Price, promotion and the overall value equation

By placing the shopper at the center of decision making, manufacturers can better collaborate with their retailer partners to address the inefficiencies of trade spend.

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Dreamies and Pedigree on-pack promos from Mars Petcare

Kicking off this month and running until 1 July, Pedigree Daily Dentastix are featuring in their first on-pack promotion which gives shoppers a free Pedigree Selfie Stix and a chance to win £1000 for every pack they buy.

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Smirnoff launches infusion flavours for the summer

Smirnoff has launched a duo of Smirnoff Infusions in time for summer. The range is made with Smirnoff No.21 Vodka in two flavours – Orange, Grapefruit & Bitters and Raspberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla.

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Funkin launches on-trend cocktail cans

Funkin Cocktails is set to launch a range of nitro-infused canned cocktails, in a move designed to “build upon the increasing popularity of cocktails on the go or at home”.


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Red Bull partners with pro gamer Ninja on experiential contest

Red Bull teamed up with professional gamer and Twitch star Tyler "Ninja" Blevins on a new campaign that includes limited-edition cans and a fan contest, according to a news release shared with Marketing Dive. 

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Instagram debuts first-ever Coachella activation with experiential playground

Dubbed 'Instagram Desert Chill,' the social media platform's branded house at Coachella featured exclusive access, customisable content and Instagram-worthy designs

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Brands are winning over younger audiences at Coachella with memorable moments

AList looks at how the companies celebrated the opening of this year’s festival with brand activations both inside the festival grounds and out. 

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