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3 Things We Can Learn From Toblerone’s Latest Trade Marketing Campaign

Posted by Callum Hornigold on 25-Jan-2019 09:52:30
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Mondelēz recently ran an experiential campaign for Toblerone in 77 Sainsbury’s stores, providing consumers both an in-store and digital experience.

The campaign enabled Sainsbury’s customers to add a personal message on the product's sleeve, plus a QR code where they could prerecord a video message which would play back to the recipient once the QR code was scanned.

After restructuring its marketing team last year, the trade marketing campaign displays Mondelez’s commitment to embracing new technology and taking a “test and learn approach” in a bid to reestablish Toblerone as one of the nation’s favourite brands.

Here are three takeaways trade marketing professionals can learn from the campaign.

1. Millennials prefer experiences

A recent report by Eventbrite shows 78 percent of millennials would rather spend their money on experiences than things.

The campaign offered a memorable experience by grabbing consumer attention with an on-brand in-store display, friendly sales staff and the chance to do something truly unique.

From simple name printing to marriage proposals, the campaign creates memories that stick in the hearts and minds of consumers for years to come, creating brand loyalty.

2. Drive sales with personalisation

According to a new study conducted by Oracle NetSuite in partnership with Wakefield Research and Bob Phibbs (the Retail Doctor), 42 percent of consumers and 63 percent of millennials are willing to pay more for improved personalisation.

However, 80 percent of consumers feel they aren’t provided with a personalised shopping experience, either in store or online.

Here, Toblerone’s personalised offering makes consumers feel more connected to the brand.

Mondelēz used the same digital packaging system on boxes of Cadbury Milk Tray last year across 133 UK Tesco stores.

It is reported the promotion, which asked consumers “What would you say with Milk Tray?”, led to an increase in sales of 7 percent.

3. Use digital media to increase brand exposure

The trade marketing campaign enabled customers to record a personalised video message which the Toblerone recipient could then view on their phone by scanning the unique QR code on the packaging — an innovative idea.

Images of happy customers sporting their personalised Toblerones have been sprouting across the Internet, which is great for brand exposure

Toblerone share

Toblerone personalised

User generated content on social media is a highly effective method to increase brand awareness.

Brands can incentivise the use of the hashtag by offering a giveaway to those who share content using the hashtag. This calls for trade and digital teams to unite to ensure a consistent brand experience.

With consumers increasingly flocking to purchase products online, trade marketing professionals must be ever more creative in their brand activation activities and ensure a strong link to their online efforts.

In-store sampling, demos and experiential campaigns

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness and boost activation, we’ve produced experiential campaigns for some of the nation’s best known brands and retailers, including Desperados, PG Tips and Sainsbury’s.

To maximise brand exposure, we connect the in-store experience with social media. This can range from encouraging consumers to share images taken at the stand with campaign-specific hashtags, to creating custom QR codes that offer personalisation, right up to fun augmented reality built into the stand – the possibilities are endless.

Check out our experiential campaigns now.

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