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12 ways to use your professional product video [and get more sales]

Posted by Callum Hornigold on 26-Jun-2019 15:30:10
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Producing a professional product video can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. It’s essential you use it effectively to get the best return on your investment.

Fortunately, there are a multitude of channels where you can use your video to market your product to your audience. By re-editing, you can re-purpose your video to align your message to different situations.

Here are some methods to use in both trade and consumer marketing to increase exposure and sales.

1. Trade shows

professional product video at trade show

An engaging product video can grab buyers’ attention from a distance, peak curiosity and educate them about your product. 

  • Do not include a voiceover as it could be difficult to hear in a noisy exhibition.
  • Ensure any text on screen is large and legible from a distance.
  • If possible, shoot your video in the highest definition (4k). A high-quality video will project a professional image and attract more buyers.
  • The bigger the screen, the more likely it will grab attention.
  • Think about the placement of the screen on your stand – can it be seen by passers-by and from a distance

Stand builders will have a technical department. Liaise with them for screen arrangements. It may appear on a single screen or a huge video wall, depending on your budget.

2. Sell-in presentations

professional product video for presentation

Your sell-in presentation is your big chance to get your product into retailers. Remember, your audience isn’t the consumer, it’s the buyer.

  • Keep your video short (90 seconds max). Respect the buyer’s time.
  • Ensure your video communicates all your key features and benefits.
  • Does the video show consumers’ wants, needs and pain points?
  • Can you include any market research to strengthen your value proposition?

It’s easy to embed your professional product video into your Powerpoint presentation:

1. Select ‘Insert’

sell-in presentation image 1

2. Select ‘Video’ and click ‘Video on my PC’.

sell-in presentation image 2

3. Press events

Press events are an excellent way to increase product awareness. Invite press and make it worth their while.

Host it at a location that’s in line with your product positioning and be sure to provide food and drinks.

Issuing a press release is a catch-all method of attracting the press to your launch. However, it’s better to find journalists on LinkedIn and invite them.

Press events can be expensive but, if done right, you can get masses of coverage and drive inbound links and direct traffic to your site. Extra coverage will pique the interest of buyers.

You can also highlight any press coverage when presenting your product to buyers. This will strengthen your value proposition.

  • Highlight the consumers’ wants and needs and back it up with any market research.
  • Show any wider social causes that make the product part of a higher purpose.
  • Potentially state what you’ve done that people thought couldn’t be done.
  • Communicate any USPs.
  • Include any awards your product has won.
  • Do you have any celebrity/influencer endorsements the press would be interested in?

press event product launch

4. Product launch events

Product launch events can create hype and media interest around your product.

  • In your video, show your product off in its best light.
  • Host the launch at a venue that reflects your product’s positioning.
  • Plan your launch event at the right time, not when a global competitor is launching theirs, for example.
  • Ensure you have a good angle/hook to attract press and showcase this in your video. (Such as an innovative feature/USP, meeting consumer wants and needs, tied in to a wider social cause etc.)
  • Invite influencers and bloggers who can give your product further exposure. Consider giving them your product to review on their site.
  • Highlight consumers’ wants and needs within your video and justify through market research.
  • Hand out free samples of your product, providing it’s cost effective.
  • Booking celebrities/musicians to provide entertainment can boost the profile of the event.

Download this blog as a PDF + How to create a stunning product video, step by step

5. In-store POS

Incorporate your product video into your in-store point of sale display. This will attract consumer attention and increase sales.

Within retail stores, you only have a very short window of opportunity to catch the consumer’s eye. Your product video must be short and punchy.

  • Keep the video super short (no more than 15 secs) and loop it.
  • Include lots of moving images and bright colours to grab attention.
  • Include large text on screen and avoid voiceovers if possible as retail stores can be noisy.
  • Frame your video with a branded point of sale display to attract attention and reinforce your product positioning and branding.

professional product video POS

6. LinkedIn

Use your video to attract the right trade professionals on LinkedIn. Place it on your company’s business page or even run it as a sponsored LinkedIn ad. You can drive traffic directly to your website via a link within the ad.

LinkedIn sponsored ads are native, so they appear naturally in your target buyers’ LinkedIn feeds.

The link could send your buyers to a page where they can download a guide/datasheet. You will then have your prospects’ contact details for further email marketing efforts and lead nurturing should they not be ready to buy just yet.

Just remember to comply with GDPR regulations – ensure they tick a box agreeing to be contacted with further marketing information when filling out the form to download the guide/datasheet.

professional product video for LinkedIn

7. Retail sales team training

Use your product video to train your retail sales teams so they’re armed with all the product knowledge to sell more.

A video designed to train your retail sales team will be similar to a video designed to sell in to retailers. It should include all the key features and benefits and highlight any consumer trends, wants and needs.

To get the most from a product video used for retail sales team training, it could also show them how to answer common customer questions and overcome objections. You could even incorporate your actual training team to star in the video, giving it more of a personal element.

sony xperia image

8. Website

A professional product video on the home page of your website instantly educates your customers about your product’s key features and benefits and sets a trustworthy tone.

A good product video will significantly increase conversions. Because your video is consumer facing, communicate the lifestyle benefits within your video. Your video must correlate with the lifestyle your target consumers are aspiring to.

Understand your consumers — their want, needs, pain points and goals — and ensure the video addresses these.

Remember, it’s not just a vitamin. It’s being the best you. It’s smashing it at work and getting that raise. It’s having the motivation to hit the gym again and get ripped. It’s waking up in the mornings feeling revived and ready to tackle anything.

Nike video

9. Retail sites such as Amazon

If you’re a registered seller on Amazon, you will be able to upload a product video. A product video on Amazon could be the difference between you or your competitor clinching the sale.

Bricks-and-mortar stores face huge challenges as online shopping continues to grow. But they have the advantage of instantly getting their products into the hands of consumers.

An online video can show the consumer what they’re buying in more detail. It’s an opportunity to see the product from all angles, understand the features and benefits, understand how to use the product, and allay any buying concerns.

Studies show using video on product pages can increase conversions by as much as 80 percent. By educating the shopper, they feel safer following through with a purchase.

  • Show your product in its best light.
  • Show your product in action.
  • Show how to use your product.
  • Show the quality of the design and materials.
  • Insert graphic overlays of any awards or quality standards.

professional product video amazon

10. Blogs

Your audience may have landed on your blog via a link in your newsletter. They may have come through an RSS notification. Or they may have found it through a search engine such as Google.

Either way, they are already likely interested in your product, or at least your industry. This means incorporating a product video into your blog allows you to go into more depth and detail.

Your video could include more detailed features and benefits, user case studies, or how-to-use guides, depending on where your audience are in the sales funnel.

11. Social media

When filming your product video, it’s a good idea to also have social media in mind.

Filming your main video and filming lots of snippets for social media during the same shoot is more cost effective that doing it in two separate shoots. It also creates a consistent visual identity.

Product videos for social media are designed to grab attention in an instant. They often have a strong creative identity and can communicate your brand mission.

Product videos on social media can range from five seconds to five minutes. However, ensure they grab attention within the first three seconds.

Do not use any branded intros as you need to instantly capture the audience’s attention with something visually striking. (The video also needs to feel like it appears naturally in their feed, not some corporate ad.) And ensure you incorporate subtitles. Automatic user settings on Facebook will mute videos in the feed until you click them.

Think about how your video might be able to work in a 1:1 aspect ratio (square image) such as in Facebook and Instagram.

Product videos on Facebook are more suited to brand awareness, so they are often bright, colourful, and fun. (This contrasts with a video for a trade audience which will include all the key features and benefits.)

instagram stories product video

Brands are also utilising Instagram Stories to raise brand awareness. As a rule of thumb, older millennials (born 1980-1990) tend to primarily use Facebook. Younger millennials (born 1991-1996) engage with a mix of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Generation Z primarily use Instagram. Think about your audience and the best social media channel to promote your video.

Unfortunately, many social media channels such as Facebook now use algorithms to decide how many of your page fans see your posts. To get the most exposure, consider investing in promoted posts. Instagram remains popular as users can utilise hashtags to get more exposure without having to pay.

There are a set of fundamental reasons people will share your product video:

  • It makes the audience look cooler, smarter, funnier, or more relevant.
  • It struck an emotional chord, such as making the audience laugh or cry.
  • It’s practical or timely, therefore enabling the audience to inform their friends should they use it.
  • Your product may be innovative, a new idea that somebody wants to spread.
  • Your audience already feels deeply connected to your brand and they want to support you.

loreal social image

It’s a good idea to have in mind what emotion you want to invoke before creating your video and what the purpose is (educate, inform, entertain, inspire etc.).

It’s also good practice to include a CTA (Call To Action) with your video when posting it to social media. This could be a link in the post driving them to download a guide, visit your website, or sign up to your newsletter.

Remember, product videos on social media are usually to increase brand awareness. Your audience may not be ready to purchase, so pushy ‘buy it now’ style videos won’t cut it.

12. Email

email video image

Combining professional product videos with your email marketing efforts can increase conversions.

While you can’t embed videos into email (unless using software such as Vidyard), you can create a slick thumbnail showing a play button overlaying a still of the video. When your audience clicks the thumbnail, it then takes them to the video, hosted on a page on your website.

One of the benefits of using video in your email marketing efforts is that your audience is already engaged.

They have already shown an interest in your brand/product when signing up to your newsletter or downloading content.

This means you can use more long-form content to educate your audience about your product in more detail. This could even be short case studies or testimonials.

As mentioned, brands such as Vidyard enable you to record videos and on screen product presentations which you can then embed into emails.

They even play short animated gifs within the email to grab the users attention, which has been shown to increase engagement rates by up to x5.

Using video in your email marketing creates more of an emotional connection with your audience. Few brands are currently doing it, so it’s a good time to capitalise.

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