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5 Product Video Ideas To Spice Up Your Social Media

Posted by Callum Hornigold on 12-Jun-2019 09:46:39
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Product video ideas for social media

51 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, according to Wordstream.

And Jeff Bullas reveals social video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined.

The power of a creative product video is undeniable at increasing engagement. Quite simply, we're programmed to pay more attention to moving images.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a brand manager trying to increase engagement, or a trade marketer trying to demonstrate demand for your product to trade prospects, having powerful social media channels stacked with great video content is a solid way to get eyes fixed firmly on your brand.

So, it seemed a no-brainer to expand our video specialist team and add social media videos to our product marketing arsenal.

Here's a little preview of what we're doing to provide some best-practice guidance and fuel your creativity.

1. Keep it moving

Double Dutch Spin Loop 2

By looping footage you can create perpetual motion to grab attention, like this product video idea we created as a concept for Double Dutch Tonic.

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In today's Instagram-led generation, there is an increased emphasis on beautiful, visual content. A multitude of social posts are driven by fine composition, balance and a touch of movement.

Use interesting composition (such as a split-screen format) and contrasting colours to make your post stand out from the crowd, like this social post we produced for Neal's Yard Remedies.


Pyrex_ Pan Flipping Logo

Your product video doesn't have to focus completely on your product. Think about how it may be used and create something short and visually engaging. We celebrated healthy cooking with this short Pyrex video.

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4. showcase your range


If you have a range of products then show them off. In this video, we really wanted to showcase the brand's colourful neutraceutical range, while using elegant hand-drawn illustrations to communicate the ingredients.

5. create depth

ViridianLoop_ Standard-1

Even with limited assets, if you have a skilled video team you create fantastic short social videos. Using just a few brand assets from ethical nutrition brand, Viridian, we created this looping parallax which is sure to peak the interest of social media users.

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