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How To Rock At POS Design In 2019

Posted by Callum Hornigold on 12-Jul-2018 09:29:00
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Why Read?

This article will cover:

  • The various forms of POS (point of sale) display
  • How to design a POS display that is unique
  • How to ensure your POS design remains consistent with your branding
  • Considerations regarding the shopper journey and testing
  • The future of point of sale displays

You’ve been tasked with managing the design of your product’s POS (point of sale) display material.

As a product marketing or trade marketing professional, it’s an important aspect of your role, because having a good POS design will directly impact sales.

But where do you start?

How can you find the right marketing agency and own the process if you don't have first-hand knowledge of what makes a good POS display?

Drawing on our years of experience designing POS displays for some of the world’s leading FMCGs and tech companies, we’ve compiled our ultimate tips on how to rock at POS design in 2019.

Size Matters

POS displays come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are wide at the top…

POS Design Coca Cola

 Source: Gearfuse

…and some are as big as a bath tub.

POS design Baileys

 Source: Promosigns

Some wobble…

POS design wobbler

 Source: AppFactory

…and some stand to attention.

uk retail point of sale display units

 Source: Promosigns

Some are chunky and brash…

pos design wonka display stand

 Source: pop-online

…and some are sleek and smooth.

pos design fitbit

 But they all have one thing in common…

...they grab your attention.

A good POS display has to stand out, so it will often incorporate:

  • creativity (thinking outside the box)
  • bright or contrasting colours
  • an interesting or unusual shape
  • effective branding
  • a clear and concise message
  • a strong link to consumer advertising
  • a consideration for the shopper journey

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Think Outside The Box

Grolsch has become an iconic premium lager brand, founded over 400 years ago. The unique design of the bottle makes it instantly recognisable.

What better way to promote it than with a POS display that celebrates its famous bottle cap.


 Source: Behance

Grolsch have really created a sense of exclusivity with this POS display — as if you’ve just discovered some holy grail.

Top tip: Emphasising your product messaging and ensuring a strong link to your other consumer advertising is essential when considering your point of sale display design.

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Your POS display should play to your brand's strengths.

The Grolsch POS display reflects the cool freshness of the lager with an illuminated green bottle, while the wood panelling evokes a sense of rustic, home-made modernity. 

Here’s another great example of how to nail point of sale design.



Source: TheMain

Energy drink juggernauts Red Bull highlight the benefits of their product (Red Bull helps you refuel by giving you energy), by cleverly displaying it in a refrigerator designed as an instantly recognisable refuelling point.

The Red Bull petrol pump POS display is born.

You can just imagine recharging your energy levels with a cool can plucked straight from this fridge. Ahhhh.

Then there’s this vertical vendor that always looks full. 

And, of course, don't forget time-saving pop-up POS displays.

All of these are innovative merchandising examples designed to make your product stand out and influence those last-minute impulse purchases.

Download 'The Master Merchandising Checklist' to learn how to significantly increase your product's sales in retail stores.

Be Varied

POS displays don’t just have to be limited to posters or display stands.

There are a multitude of options you can embrace for your campaign.

Like shelf edging, for example.

Here's one that even incorporates video to grab the attention of the consumer.

Dynamic elements catch the eye and arouse curiosity...

finlandiaSource: KlarusDesign

There are also end caps, displayed at the end of the aisle…

pos display end cap

 Source: AxisPrint

…and dummy packs, which hold products that can be placed on a larger FSDU (free-standing display unit).

lyclear dummy pack

Source: Interprint

And don’t forget mobiles.

pos design mobile


Be Consistent With The Brand

A good POS design can incorporate the product branding and make it part of the message.

Take this example from Nobrow Press, showcasing one of its new book releases about cycling.


 Source: Pip Watkins

The POS designer took the branding and colour scheme from the book and brought it to life in 3D.

The card cyclists pop out and the road winds around the book, framing it as the centrepiece.

Top tip: When creating your point of sale display, ensuring product branding consistency is paramount. Ensure any themes from your product advertising campaigns are included within the display.

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When we were tasked with creating POS material for LG, to promote its Optimus 7 model, a phone designed to capture HD content at high-speed, we had a challenge.

First, how do we convey that it captures high-quality, HD videos, and utilises DLNA to wirelessly send images from your phone to your smart TV?

Second, how do we pull this concept through to all of the POS material?

Our answer was to have the action bursting out of the phone, straight to the TV, communicating the features in a simple, exciting and visual way.

pos design lg optimus wrightobara

We produced wobblers, shelf-edging, FSDUs and posters all based around the key concept, using different sports and action scenes, resulting in some truly engaging, dynamic POS collateral.

Use Emotion

Your POS display needs to evoke emotion, be it happiness, warmth, excitement, lust or even love.

You’re not just selling a product, you’re selling a lifestyle.

And your POS display needs to embody it.

Here’s an example of a window display we created for ethical nutrition company, Viridian.

Viridian POS 

Viridian wanted to communicate its ethical, organic approach to nutrition.

We created beautiful line illustrations, incorporating the products' natural ingredients.

This enabled consumers to understand the company’s principles with one quick glance, and make a purchase decision based first on emotion, and backed up by the messaging.


Top tip: Make sure your point of sale display pulls at the heart chords of your consumers. Have in mind what particular emotion you want to evoke first.

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Keep The Shopper Journey In Mind

If you’ve ever watched Steven Spielberg’s ET, you’ll remember Elliot leaving a trail of Reece’s Pieces leading to his house, to lure ET inside.

A creative POS display can do this too, leading consumers on a carefully crafted trail to your product.

Take the campaign we created for LG with its highly fashionable Jil Sander phone.


We were commissioned to create concepts for the launch and the in-store display of the product.

Taking one of the phone's most striking aesthetic features, its sleek blue strip as inspiration, we created marketing content that was both striking and consistent with the product's branding.

Our pièce de résistance was a series of in-store displays that used the blue strip to guide consumers directly to the phone itself.

Use Digital

With millennials’ increasing influence on the retail sector, many retailers are embracing digital POS displays to stay ahead of the curve.

Video is an effective tool in product marketing to attract attention, and the use of augmented reality is rapidly increasing.

Some POS displays can also be configured to recognise the customer’s gender, age and even skin tone, allowing them to suggest products accordingly.

And here’s the future…

Japanese company Softbank Robotics is currently testing a two-foot robot called Pepper at two malls in America.

Pepper can do a little dance to grab your attention, then use facial recognition to suggest products that may fit with your demographic.

It can even recognise your emotions. Imagine you’re having a stressed day and Pepper suggests a nice warm cup of Twining’s chamomile tea!

“How thoughtful, yes please!”

 Or perhaps you need make-up? Pepper can scan your face and recognise your skin tone, pointing to the perfect product to match your complexion.

It can recognise that you’re clearly over 18 at the till, and could suggest a Heineken for the game later.

“Oh go on then. Cheers!”

The possibilities are endless and we are only at the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t Miss Out!

As the trade marketing industry embraces a cultural and technological revolution, trade marketers are being forced to adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

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