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November's Trade Marketing News And Technology Round-up

Posted by Callum Hornigold on 21-Nov-2018 15:18:09
Callum Hornigold
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It's been an interesting month so far in the world of retail and trade marketing news.

Multiple high-street store closures have dominated the headlines as bricks-and-mortar stores try to adjust to online shopping's increasing popularity.

This month we feature the key stories and tech that are currently shaping the trade marketing profession.

experitential retail

Can experiential retail save the UK’s department stores?

The Retail Gazette looks at what techniques successful department stores are implementing to thrive in today's challenging environment, and whether experimental retail is going to be the sector's saving grace.


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omnichannel report

The Global Omni-Channel Consumer Shopping Research Report

We feature BigCommerce's report, revealing how global consumers shop across a multitude of channels.


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Interactive trade show stands

Check out this awe-inspiring trade show stand that interacts whenever a customer picks up a product.




Lowes uses VR to train customers DIY and influence purchases

Virtual reality POS can certainly help drive sales, as demonstrated by Lowes utilising the technology to train customers in DIY and recommend products.


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