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9 Printed Vinyl Decal Ideas To Boost Your Retail Trade Marketing Activities

Posted by Callum Hornigold on 25-Oct-2018 13:16:35
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This article highlights how branded vinyl decals can boost your trade marketing activities by:

  • Grabbing consumer attention and driving impulse purchases using creativity
  • Leading a trail to your product from high footfall areas
  • Encouraging consumers to engage with your brand in bricks-and-mortar retail stores as well as online


POS displays are a staple of any good trade marketing strategy and are great for drawing attention to your products.

However, for more modest budgets, vinyl decals are a cost-effective method to make your product stand out from the competition.

Here are nine creative vinyl sticker ideas to grab consumer attention and drive sales.

#1 Belt Up

Moving images are more likely to catch our eye.

Place printed vinyl decals on conveyor belts to maximise exposure and drive impulse purchases. 

Although it may seem obvious, ensure your products are well within reach.

 printed vinyl decal mentos

trade marketing activities with printed vinyl decal

printed vinyl stickers star wars

#2 Be Groundbreaking

Make an impact by having your decals bursting out of the ground.

3D graphics can make your product ‘pop’ and instantly draw attention from a distance.

printed vinyl decal captain morgans 

printed vinyl decals fishermans friend

printed vinyl decals kraken

#3 Be A Trailblazer

Why not lead the consumer straight to your product with a ‘breadcrumb trail’ decal?

You could set a long trail from areas of high footfall to your product.

Or, why not try incorporating games such as ‘hopscotch’ to engage younger consumers and lead them straight to the action?

printed vinyl sticker newsquik

printed vinyl decals fox biscuits

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#4 Be Funny

Your trade marketing activities don't have to be dull. 

It never harms to inject a little humour into your floor vinyl. Just make sure it’s in line with your brand tone and positioning.


printed vinyl sticker motrin

#5 Be Real

Making your floor vinyl hyper-realistic is an excellent way to showcase your branding and grab attention.

boost trade marketing activities with printed vinyl decals

printed vinyl sticker sw

While including such high levels of detail may be a little more expensive, quality can pay dividends for your brand awareness — especially when consumers are taking photos and sharing on social media.

printed vinyl sticker heineken

#6 Be Creative

Creative trade marketing will never cease to attract consumers.

Careful use of space or props can highlight your product’s benefits and improve brand perception.

printed vinyl decals to improve trade marketing activities

printed vinyl sticker shampoo


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#7 Remember, ‘Location, location, location’

When designing your printed vinyl decal, remember, ‘Location, location, location’.

Consider where you’re going to place it and how you can use the space to inject creativity and capture the consumer’s imagination.

printed vinyl decals tyskie

printed vinyl decals duracell

Also, think about the physical space where the decals will be located. When creating vinyl decals for Sainsbury's to celebrate the Paralympics, the retail giant wanted decals placed on their shop windows.

However, it was important not to block out light in the store or look unappealing on the reverse side of the decal.

We used contravision decals which cleverly can only be seen from the front, allowing light to pass through into the store.

printed vinyl decal sainsburys

#8 Highlight The Benefits

Clever placement of your product can showcase its features and benefits.

Check out this vinyl from Canon, placed in retailer’s bathroom sinks to highlight the camera’s waterproof features.

Are there any creative ways you can show off your product’s features?

creative trade marketing activities

#9 Play The Game

In today’s cross-channel landscape, consumers make purchase decisions across a range of channels, both online and offline.

How about incorporating a game into your promotion and a printed vinyl sticker to highlight it, like this one from Target.

Floor vinyl can also be an effective method of highlighting an offer, then signposting consumers to your website to redeem the offer and sign up to your mail list.



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